High-tech and energy saving Electrochromic Glass is able to completely change the idea of the modern exterior glazing of buildings and premises.
What is electrochromic glass?
Electrochromic Glass consists of two glass layers with a nozzle substance between them, that changes the degree of transparency of the material. When the power is supplied, the colour of the glass changes from transparent to blue of selected saturation. In the off mode the surface remains absolutely transparent, and when the current is supplied the glass gets gradually more obscured.

To switch the glass to a dark mode takes from 2 to 6 minutes. The time depends on the surface area and the depth of the selected hue. The process of transition of the electrochromic glass from a saturated blue to transparent takes 5-8 minutes.

To control and switch modes it is possible to use a remote control panel or a stationary switch.
Electrochromic glass – safety, durability, an incredible number of functions

  • Naturalness and comfort. Glass provides an unobstructed view of the outside and comfortable natural lighting
  • Replacement for blinds. Blackout properties of electrochromic glass allow using the material instead of blinds and curtains on windows
  • Protection against radiation. The surface does not let through infrared and ultraviolet radiation
  • Savings on air conditioning. Glazing using this type of material allows you to save on air conditioning
  • Energy saving. The technology uses the minimum amount of electricity, as the supply of current is required only at the moment of transition of the electrochromic glass
Electrochromic glass is an exclusive novelty in the market of light transmitting materials. This high-tech product has uncompromising characteristics and a variety of convenient and useful features.

  • Functions properly between -40 ° С and + 90 ° С;
  • Resistant to moisture & can be cleaned;
  • Control: individual or automatic;
  • Integration into building management system;
  • Dimming instead of mechanical curtains and blinds;
  • Service life is more than 20 years;
  • High level of noise insulation.
Application area
Unique features of electrochromic glass transform it into a multifunctional product with wide application area.

The main purpose of electrochromic glass is external glazing of buildings and premises. This material allows you to control the amount of heat and light entering through the windows, glass domes and roofs.

Electrochromic glass is an ideal part of modern residential, office and industrial premises.

Using electrochromic glass in offices and conference halls improves the quality of employees' working conditions: it helps to ensure an ideal temperature in the room, while soft blue colour of glass has a positive effect on work performance. Both owners and tenants of premises can save a significant amount of money by reducing the costs of air conditioning facilities.

Modern upmarket electrochromic glass is a product of a new generation; high-tech and environmentally friendly development in the field of buildings energy efficiency.

The use of Electrochromic glass, which is durable, high-quality and reliable material, turns any building into an eco-friendly project with all the qualities of ultra-modern construction.
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