Multifunctional design with unique characteristics
What is heated glass?
Heated glass units are able to completely change your perception of premises glazing. Amazing features of this design and excellent technical characteristics turn the standard glass into a multi-functional surface:

  • Heated glass has an anti-icing function.
  • The optimum surface temperature allows to completely avoid windows condensation.
  • The "cold window" effect is completely eliminated.
  • High-tech nozzle coating can be easily connected to security systems, to the "smart house" system and works as a protection against vandalism, serving as an intruder sensor and guarantees safety of home owners.
  • The surface withstands high loads, so the glass can be installed not only in a vertical, but also in a horizontal, inclined position.
  • Glass does not need special care, does not get dusty and can be easily cleaned.
  • Maximum climatic comfort and perfect thermal Insulation;
  • High energy efficiency: 95-98%;
  • The surface has the function of UV protection and significantly reduces heat loss;
  • The technology has a high degree of noise isolation and protects both from external noise and from listening in;
  • Can be combined with other technologies, such as glass with variable transparency, LED glass, making it a versatile solution capable of performing many functions;
  • Increased durability and absolute safety in operation;
  • Possibility of manufacturing and subsequent installation of a glass unit of any size (maximum size 2000×3000 mm);
  • Temperature range of heating of glass is from + 25 °C to + 300 °C;
  • AC power supply (220 volt without the use of transformers);
  • The amount of energy consumed per 1 m² is only ~ 2.5 kw per day;
  • Uniform heating of the whole glass;
  • Reduced snow load;
  • Flawless thermal insulation.
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